Have you got a problem? Like you, many Australians are facing many problems.

Did you find the solution for your problem? But we have the solutions.

Independents will declare Policies for Australian Federal Elections. Vote Independents.

Remove Westminster system and to Reform Australia. Simplify parliaments' module. Full transparency of all government sectors.

NO tax taken until reach $200,000 for working Australians. Tax free $200,000. Australians will be first in Australian work places.

Allowance (1) $1,000/week for Australians. Looking a job is not compulsory.

Allowance (2) $600 fortnightly for wrong doers. Looking a job is compulsory. Completely transfer their network's wealth into the public fund. Estimated 5 Trillion Dollars.

New rules of law of Australia will treat everybody same. Scrap royal commissions & ombudsmans. Setup Lie detector tests in all courts.

Immediate diplomatic actions & bring Australians including Wikileaks's Julian Paul Assange to home.

Free education, medical, water, gas & electricity for Australians.

Minimum 10 years jail with non parole for each failed declared policy or a promise for MPs.

Set pension age to 50 & voting age to 10.

Set minimum salary / wages to $250 per day for working Australians. Mon,Tue, Thu & Fri are working days. Set working hours 6 as maximum per shift.

Remove volunteer works. All volunteer jobs transform as paid jobs. Abolish GST & TOLLS.

Reduce fees of AEC, spouse visa, all licences and all registrations at least by 50% & capped. Remove yearly property tax on properties.

Independents' Australian Federal Parliament will not hide any issue under the carpet.

Remove outsourcing & self serving machines from businesses to increase jobs. Immediate actions on climate change.

I always welcome your ideologies & feedback. Thank you.
(Independent Politician)
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